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Executive Assessment Group is a licensed Florida private investigative agency formed by retired Sarasota Sheriff's Office Intelligence Sergeant Donald E Wenger, license: A1300193. EAG personnel have extensive background in investigations, research and analysis, which can be customized to your individual needs. EAG will verify and document key facts which are necessary to make informed business decisions relating to your cases, acquisitions, mergers and partnerships.
Let us help you connect all the dots before you make crucial decisions relating to your cases and professional footprint.

Donald Wenger

is a longtime member of the Southwest Florida law enforcement community having served nearly 31 years with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. During his tenure in law enforcement Mr. Wenger has been integrally involved in many varied, high profile investigations including homicides, criminal enterprise conspiracies, and homeland security cases. Mr. Wenger was the supervisor of the Sheriffs Office Criminal Intelligence Section for nearly nine years and assisted in the agency's successful transition to the intelligence led policing business model. Mr. Wenger can now bring this long and varied experience to private sector investigations and client needs. Florida Private Investigator License: C1300143

Leo Martinez

is a retired F.B.I. Special Agent with over 25 years experience. Mr. Martiniez has broad based investigative experience, ranging from white collar cases to terrorism cases. Mr. Martinez had joined EAG, bringing with him his many years of experience working as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Florida Private Investigator License: C1300594.